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Detailed Description

In non-ferrous metal sorting, common techniques include:

1. Magnetic separation: Utilizing the difference in magnetic properties to separate magnetic metals (such as iron) from non-magnetic metals.

2. Gravity separation: Utilizing the difference in density of different metals, metals are separated into different layers through the force of gravity.

3. Hydraulic separation: Using the difference in specific gravity of different metals in water to separate them into different sediment layers.

4. Electrostatic separation: Utilizing the difference in electrical conductivity to separate metals based on their electrostatic properties.

5. Optical sorting: Utilizing advanced optical sensors and imaging technology to identify and separate metals based on their optical properties.

6. Flotation: Utilizing the difference in surface properties of different metals to separate them by selectively attaching them to air bubbles.

These techniques play a crucial role in efficiently and effectively recovering valuable metals from mixed non-ferrous metal waste.



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