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PS-1600 Double Shaft Crusher

Detailed Description


It mainly deals with all kinds of solid waste of light and thin materials. Through the effect of shearing and tearing, the materials are broken and the bulk density of the materials is increased.

Types of materials that can be processed:

Steel bars with a diameter of<20mm, white goods, tin buckets, aluminum profiles, aluminum bales, hard plastics, waste tires, garden waste, and original household waste, etc.

Prohibited material types:

1. Steel bars with a diameter> 22mm

2. Quenched alloy, high hardness metal

3. Steel plate with thickness> 3mm

4. Wire rope


1. Modularly designed box body saves equipment maintenance time;

2. The split blade greatly shortens the blade replacement time and reduces the cost of use at the same time;

3. Outer Bafang alloy steel main shaft structure design, wear resistance and impact resistance, stable and reliable operation;

4. Low-speed, high-torque and automatic reversal function on control enhance the adaptability to materials;

5. The configuration of variable frequency motor and frequency converter makes the whole machine stable and safe during start-up and operation;

6. The PLC control of the electrical system supports the linkage of upstream and downstream multiple machines to achieve uniform feeding;

The main technical parameters:

1. Dimensions (mm): 8004x5239x3756

2. Shredded working surface (mm): 1600x1000

3. Discharge height (mm): 1200

4. Number of cutter heads (pcs): 20

5. Rotation speed (rpm): 4~9

6. Capacity (t/h) 5-15 (according to different materials)

7. Motor power (kW): 2 x 110

8. Hopper volume (L ): 2200

9. Overall weight (kg): Approx 33000

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