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How to distinguish between scrap steel crusher and metal shredder, and how to choose the right equipment for different materials?
2021-06-09 11:51:29

Both the scrap steel crusher and the metal shredder mainly crush and process various scrap metals, and complete the removal and sorting of materials through the related equipment of the production line. Both types of equipment are the mainstream equipment for scrap metal crushing and processing. In daily life, each There are many kinds of waste materials, Scrap hammer shredder,including all kinds of scrap color steel tiles, scrap cars, waste home appliances, oil drums, paint drums, cans, aluminum alloys, raw aluminum, cast aluminum and other materials. These materials are scrap steel. Should the crusher be used for processing, or should I choose a metal shredder?

1. Metal shredder

Metal shredder

The metal shredder mainly realizes the coarse crushing effect of the material. The metal shredder has a large feed inlet. The equipment adopts double shear shafts for rolling and shredding. The shearing power is strong. The shredded material is divided into segments and length. Evenly

2. Scrap steel crusher

Scrap crusher

The scrap crusher is mainly used for crushing and processing some light and thin metals. It Scrap metal shredder adopts the working principle of hammer crushing to achieve the effect of metal Scrap hammer shredder crushing and rubbing through crushing. A main shaft is installed in the crushing cavity of the main body of the equipment, and dozens of manganese are suspended on the main shaft. The steel hammer is used to perform high-speed rotating blows on the material during the operation of the equipment. When the volume of the material is smaller than the discharge port under the equipment, the material is discharged. The characteristic of the scrap crusher is the strong power of the equipment. It can effectively clean the rust, impurities, and oil on the Scrap metal shredder metal surface while crushing the material, and has the corresponding superior equipment.

Universality of metal shredder and scrap steel crusher

Whether it is a scrap steel crusher or a metal shredder, it is the core equipment for scrap metal crushing. The two types of equipment can be selected according to different discharge requirements, different metal volumes, hardness, and thickness. Of course, if you want to increase the output of the equipment, The two kinds of equipment can completely form the whole metal crushing processing and sorting production line. In addition to the two main equipments, the production line can also be equipped with a feeding conveyor, a metal shredder host, a scrap steel crusher, a conveyor, a magnetic separator, Power distribution cabinets, discharge Scrap hammer shredder vibrating screens, vibrating feeders and other equipment work together to complete the production line.

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