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[Hubei Lidi] Cautiously optimistic about scrap steel after the Spring Festival
2021-03-18 08:30:40

Interviewer: Sun Caiyuan, Deputy General Manager of Sales Corporation of Hubei Lidi Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

Customer's view: We are optimistic about scrap steel after the Spring Festival. On the demand side, the domestic steel production capacity has been increasing in recent years, and the amount of scrap steel used is also increasing year by year. The demand for scrap steel remains tough and the performance will not be too bad. On the supply side, the liberalization of recycled steel materials will significantly alleviate the difficulties on the scrap supply side in the short term. According to the current growth rate of domestic scrap steel resources, it is also difficult to meet domestic scrap demand. The shortage of scrap steel resources may continue next year. In addition, from the company's annual sales data in 2020, in addition to the crushing line, the sales data of products such as balers and gantry shears are more eye-catching. The market's requirements for scrap type are gradually changing. For high-quality bales, The demand for shear and crushed materials is high. From the perspective of customer groups, in addition to large-scale scrap processing bases, many new steel mill base customers and large-scale group enterprise customers have been added this year. The structure of the scrap steel industry chain is gradually changing. The pattern concentration will become higher and higher. Hubei Lidi has been engaged in the manufacturing and research and development of scrap steel processing equipment for 51 years. It has never stopped the research and development of equipment. Hubei Lidi produced the first domestic baler, gantry shear and crushing line, and has been leading the industry. Development and lead the formulation of many industry standards. At present, according to market changes at home and abroad, Hubei Lidi has absorbed and transformed some high-quality foreign technical teams or supporting suppliers into the domestic market. In the future, the company will maintain good cooperation with various platforms, with standardization as the core, practical, energy-saving and intelligent R&D as the direction, and ultimately realize the concept of low cost and more convenient operation for customers, and the greatest benefit will be given to our friends. .

Company Profile

Hubei Lidi Machine Tool Co., Ltd. was founded in 1969 and is a national key high-tech enterprise with 8 service subsidiaries. The company has long focused on the research, development, manufacturing and sales of environmental protection equipment manufacturing, and is committed to becoming the world's leading comprehensive service provider of resource recovery and recycling system solutions and complete sets of equipment. The business covers five major sectors: scrap steel processing, scrap car dismantling, non-ferrous metal processing and sorting, comprehensive utilization of renewable resources, energy conservation and environmental protection, involving important industries such as steel, automobiles, non-ferrous metals, resource recycling, environmental protection, and many well-known domestic and foreign companies Formed a strategic partnership and enjoys a high reputation in the industry. Under the guidance of the national "One Belt One Road" strategy, we will expand friendly cooperation globally, enhance exchanges, and discuss green plans.

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