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Hubei Lidi to participate in 2024 International Scrap Recycling Industry Exhibition ISRI
2024-04-17 10:26:05


Today, Hubei Lidi once again showcased its innovation and technological leadership at the 2024 International Scrap Recycling Industry Exhibition (ISRI). As one of the leading companies in the industry, Hubei Lidi is presenting its latest technologies and solutions, contributing to the cause of environmental protection. The booth of Hubei Lidi attracted the attention of numerous attendees and industry experts. 


The advanced technologies and innovative products displayed at the booth have garnered widespread interest. Representatives from Hubei Lidi will engage in discussions with partners and clients from around the world to explore the development trends and cooperation opportunities in the field of scrap recycling. 


 Executives from Hubei Lidi stated that as a company dedicated to environmental protection, Hubei Lidi will continue to increase investment in technological innovation and product research and development to make greater contributions to the global environmental cause. Participation in this exhibition is also an important step for Hubei Lidi to further expand its international influence. 

By participating in the ISRI exhibition, Hubei Lidi will establish partnerships with more international companies and institutions, expanding its presence in the international market. The exciting displays and innovative solutions from Hubei Lidi will add new highlights to the ISRI exhibition and become one of the focuses of industry attention. 

 Stay tuned for Hubei Lidi's outstanding performance at the ISRI exhibition, injecting more vitality and momentum into the cause of environmental protection.

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