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Metal crusher equipment structure and specific operation process description
2021-05-14 13:46:53

Metal crusher equipment structure and specific operation process description

The metal crusher has been perfected for many years, the structure has been continuously improved, and the performance has been continuously improved. As a metal crusher manufacturer, Shuangxing Machinery also continuously collects customer feedback. The equipment includes the return of the feed port, the feed pressure, the length of the conveyor belt, and the height of the conveyor belt. A large number of equipment structure optimizations have been carried out for the height of the equipment silo and the reformation of the impact liner of the crushing chamber to meet the needs of users.

The structure of the metal crusher, according to the order of material transportation, includes: feeding conveyor, metal crusher, discharge conveyor, magnetic separator, discharge conveyor, bag filter, etc. The following is a detailed introduction of Double Star Machinery Components of the following equipment:

1. The main structure of the metal crusher, including the feed bin, the crusher cavity, the power part of the metal crusher, and the hammer head counterattack lining structure, to realize the crushing and shaping of the material, and effectively remove the paint, rust and other impurities on the metal surface. The feeding conveyor extends to the upper part of the feeding side of the feeding trough and is partially overlapped so that the material directly falls into the feeding trough.

2. After the material from the metal crusher is discharged, the material is sent to the magnetic separator through the conveyor belt, the vibrating feeding trough is inclined downward, the adsorption roller is rotatably arranged on the frame, and the adsorption roller is arranged in the adsorption roller. The magnet group is fixedly connected to the frame. The axis of the adsorption roller is located above the vibrating feeding trough. A blanking hole is formed between the adsorption roller and the lower end of the feeding trough. The adsorption roller is rotatably arranged on the central axis and connected to the magnetic attraction motor. A bracket is fixedly arranged on the central axis, and a magnet group is arranged on the bracket, and the distance between the magnet group and the inside of the adsorption roller is maintained. The magnet group is set eccentrically on the side close to the vibrating feeding trough. The material passes through the magnetic separation drum to select all the scrap iron in it. The scrap iron material continues to be sent out through the subsequent conveyor belt and falls into the iron-free waste trough below the adsorption drum. .

3. The metal crusher includes a shell formed with an inlet and an outlet, a crushing shaft rotatably arranged in the shell, a crushing motor on the outside of the metal crushing shaft, and a shell between the metal crushing motor and the crushing shaft. For universal couplings, the top of the shell of the metal crusher is provided with a dust outlet, and a filter is provided at the dust outlet.

4. The frame is provided with a positioning machine whose central axis is positioned at a predetermined angle. The positioning machine includes a nut rotatably connected to the frame, a screw rod matched with the nut, and a tie rod fixedly connected to the central axis at one end, wherein the tie rod has the other end A connecting seat is rotatably provided on the part, and the connecting seat is rotatably connected with the end of the screw.

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