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Sure! Hubei Lidi is listed in the first batch of environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprises
2020-10-09 19:58:06


Ministry recently announced the 2020 list of corporate environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry standard conditions which accord with environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry (solid waste handling equipment) specification list (first), made the list for a total of 19 companies, including hubei force emperor machine tool co., LTD., occupies the hubei force emperor machine tool co., LTD. Headquarters is located in yichang of hubei province, the company was founded more than 50 years focused on environmental protection equipment research and development manufacturing sales and service areas of business as part of the pretreatment equipment manufacturing, cover the scrap processing elv dismantling comprehensive utilization of nonferrous metals processing and sorting of renewable resources

Five plate as we have learned, energy conservation and environmental protection as the important component of the strategic emerging industries, environmental protection equipment manufacturing scale has expanded rapidly in recent years in October 2017, the ministry on accelerate the environmental protection in the guidance of the equipment manufacturing industry development, environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry output value reached 1 trillion yuan to 2020 in order to speed up to guide environmental protection equipment manufacturing high quality development, the ministry for the equipment manufacturing industry issued (solid waste processing equipment) specification

, suitable for has been completed and put into operation of solid waste treatment equipment manufacturing enterprises, encourage industry technology progress and standardize the development of graphic files, effective as of March 1, 2020 specification conditions, points out that enterprise in nearly three years the annual sales revenue accounted for solid waste treatment equipment enterprises the proportion of the total revenue of not less than 50% on average, average profit margin of no less than 6% in a series of basic requirements, improve the enterprise to enter the threshold of the solid waste treatment equipment manufacturing industry, effectively prevent the formation of scattered small weak industry market structure at the same time,

Standard conditions also emphasis on r&d and innovation ability, improve the quality of enterprise products and advanced level such as requirements for nearly three years in the field of solid waste treatment in r&d costs accounted for an average of not less than 3% enterprise sales or not less than 5 million yuan, as well as business for nearly three years in the field of solid waste treatment authorized more than 1 invention patents or utility model patents (including copyright) more than 5 items conform to standard conditions of enterprises, technological innovation ability is stronger, intelligent automation level is higher, with strong market competitiveness

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