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The use of scrap steel crushers is of great significance to the construction of a low-carbon circular economy
2021-06-19 11:02:56

Compared with other recyclable items, metal scrap has a huge advantage, that is, the recycling efficiency is higher, and the depreciation and damage can almost be omitted. We all know that the production of steel has always been an important part of national construction due to energy shortages and harmful effects to the environment. If we do a good job in the recycling of metal scrap, each recycling can save about 95% of energy. Emission of trace amounts of harmful gases is of great significance to the construction of a low-carbon circular economy.

        The metal scrap crusher of the Luyou crusher brand produced by Luyou has always been a relatively good crushing and recycling equipment on the market. Our equipment is not only a crushing function, but also a screening and separation system that can effectively separate different types of precious metals. It is mainly aluminum, iron and copper, which greatly facilitates the follow-up use of customers, and has been unanimously approved by customers, which also allows us to obtain more orders.

        In the past two years, crushed enterprises were affected by the downturn in the overall machinery industry and were also very depressed, but in the past two years they have begun to be in a very obvious rising stage. With the advancement of metal scrap crusher technology and the intensified competition, we are entering the era of winning by quality from winning by quantity. The future market belongs to high-quality enterprises, so we must strive to enhance the market competitiveness of metal crushers.

        With the development of the times, the Luyou metal crusher industry is also undergoing changes. It can be said that this is a worse era, and it is also a better era. In this new year when things are changing and rules are being challenged, metal crusher companies should look at the future more clearly and plan for the future. Collected and sorted out the five major trends in the future development of the metal crusher industry under Luyou, and looked forward to the future to explore the road of development.

1. Destocking and quantifying

        Recently, the state has proposed to adjust the quality of economic growth from the supply side, to remove inventories, to quantify, and to increase effective demand. The real estate industry has entered the era of inventory, and destocking has become a major direction. Residential decoration will bring certain substantial benefits to the metal crusher industry. With the acceleration of real estate destocking, Luyou crusher industry will gain more market sales.

2. The impact of labor dilemmas has intensified

        In recent years, my country's labor costs have been increasing, which has caused a greater impact on the traditional manufacturing industry. In recent years, labor issues have become a problem for metal crusher companies. And in the foreseeable future, the working population will continue to decrease, and many companies will begin to migrate to Southeast Asia. As a metal crusher company under the current Luyou crusher brand, Luyou Crusher must treat employees well and retain employees in order to preserve the competitiveness of the company and respond to possible changes and challenges.

3. Diminishing effects of e-commerce growth

        In the past few years, the metal crusher electromechanical business of the Luyou crusher brand has swept traditional enterprises and swallowed a part of the traditional channel market share. But as an Internet tool, e-commerce will only serve as a supplement to traditional channels in the long run, and will not disrupt it. It can be seen from last year's "Double 11" that metal crushing electrical and mechanical companies are still promising. As a metal crusher company, it is necessary to recognize and pay attention to the general trend of "Internet +". As a business owner, it is necessary to form an Internet team to better develop and utilize new technologies.

Fourth, brand strategy upgrade

        In 2016, although the growth rate of the overall industry slowed down and the market was wailing, companies with brands, channels, and strength were still able to rise against the trend and seize market opportunities, thereby accelerating the construction of market influence and brand awareness. The power of the brand can be seen. It is believed that in 2016, the brand competition of metal crusher companies will also intensify, and the brand building of the entire industry will also be upgraded to promote the industry to a higher level of development.

5. Upgrade of marketing service system

        Regardless of policy protection such as the "Consumer Law", the improvement of consumer quality, or the drive of market competition, the metal crusher industry must be transformed into a service. One of its important signs is the service-oriented transformation of traditional sales channels. Consumers now prefer "one-stop shopping" and put forward higher requirements on the quality of terminal marketers. In order to adapt to this new consumer trend, metal crusher companies must make changes to help sales staff improve. Mastering more personalized service skills can maintain an advantage in market competition.

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