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Vibration monitoring of mechanical equipment
2020-08-01 01:07:59

The selection and setting sequence and marking of the vibration measuring points of the equipment

Choice of (A) monitoring vibration energy transferred to the other parts or systems of elastic foundation, the most easy to reflect the equipment running status change for including the quality of rotary equipment, suggested that the measuring point selected in the bearing or the shell of the machine installation, also can choose other measuring point, but to be able to reflect the running status of equipment in the bearing measurements, general advice to measure three directions of the vertical direction vibration mark V, horizontal direction labeling for H, axis direction marked as A, as shown in figure 1Scrap metal shredder

A schematic diagram of the location of the vibration sensor when the vibration is measured on the machine housingScrap metal shredder

(2) The setting sequence of vibration monitoring points

Horizontal machine

     This sequence of Numbers from drives the driving side bearing seat number 001, toward the driven equipment, according to the number of sequence, until the very end of the first root axis of a bearing on multiple root axis (gear) on the machine, and the order of the bearing from the beginning of the drive, according to the numerical order continue along the second root axis to be drive down, then down along the third axis alignment, several common tagging method until the end of the unit as shown in figure 3 ~ 5Scrap metal shredderScrap metal shredderScrap metal shredder

Vertical machine

     Follow the same method as the horizontal machine

(3) Marking the measuring points of on-site machines

      The vibration measurement points of the case can be marked with paint, or with a steel plate pasted on the case to mark the vibration measurement points. It is better to use the latter method to mark the steel plate. When the steel plate is adopted, the case should be well processed with a thickness of 5mm and a diameter of 30mm, and bonded with a strong adhesive, so as to ensure good vibration transmission characteristics

The determination of vibration monitoring period of the equipment


Set vibration monitoring cycle is too long, easy to capture devices start degradation information, the cycle is set too short, and increased workload and cost monitoring should be according to the structure characteristics of the device speed power transmission way and the failure mode, reasonable vibration monitoring selected cycle when the device is in a stable operation period, the monitoring cycle can be longer;

When equipment defects and problems, should shorten the monitoring period when determining equipment monitoring period, should observe the following principles: 1. The installation of equipment or mass after repair of equipment operation in the early period is shorter (e.g., monitoring every hour), after waiting for the device has reached the stable operation period, the monitoring period may be extended appropriately 2. Test cycle should be fixed 3. As far as possible to the tally stand full-time monitoring equipment, most of the equipment monitoring cycle can generally be classified as 7 to 14 days;

Of close to or higher than 3000 RPM high speed rotating equipment, one should be monitored at least once a week 4. The workshop equipment monitoring, monitoring cycle can generally be classified as 1 times a day or once per class 5. The measured vibration value is close to or more than the standard equipment alarm, to shorten the monitoring period if the measured vibration value close to or more than the equipment downtime, shall promptly arrange maintenance downtime if cannot stop for production reasons, to strengthen the monitoring, the monitoring cycle can be shortened to 1 day or less

Acquisition of vibration monitoring information of the equipment

(I) Selection of vibration monitoring parameters


For ultra-low frequency vibration, it is suggested to measure vibration displacement and velocity.

For low frequency vibration, it is suggested to measure vibration velocity and acceleration.

For medium-high frequency vibration and high-frequency vibration, it is suggested to measure the vibration acceleration as follows: (1) According to the frequency classification of vibration of equipment, according to the frequency of vibration, the vibration of equipment can be divided into the following categories: ultra-low frequency vibration, the vibration frequency is below 10Hz;

Low frequency vibration, vibration frequency between 10Hz and 1000Hz;

Medium and high frequency vibration, with vibration frequency ranging from 1000Hz to 10000Hz;

High frequency vibration, vibration frequency above 10000Hz (2) displacement is the peak;

The velocity is the effective value;

The acceleration is the effective value;

Sometimes peak values of velocity and acceleration are measured as needed

(2) Pay attention to vibration monitoring

In order to ensure the comparability of measurement results, we should pay attention to the following aspects in vibration monitoring: the measuring instrument is the same;

The measuring instruments shall be arranged in the same manner;

The position direction of the measuring point is the same;

The operating condition of the equipment is the same;

The background vibrations are measured by the same person as far as possible

(3) Vibration data acquisition


Equipment vibration data should be monitored and collected on a regular basis strictly according to the monitoring path and monitoring cycle. Other process parameters of the equipment, such as temperature, pressure and flow rate, should also be recorded, so as to facilitate comparison and trend management. Equipment monitoring personnel should make timely arrangement and backup of test records.

Timely approval of data records in doubt;

Timely analysis and processing of measurement data;

Make trend prediction and easy diagnosis

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