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What types of packaging machines are there?
2023-10-10 05:21:58

1. Automatic packaging machines and semi-automatic packaging machines: These machines are mainly classified based on the level of control by the operator. Generally, fully automatic machines consist of one or more action devices, including conveyors, hot melt glue guns, hot melt cutters, etc. In the operation process, no manual intervention is required, and each step can be completed according to the programmed settings, resulting in high production efficiency. On the other hand, semi-automatic machines consist of multiple action devices, including conveyors, hot melt glue guns, hot melt cutters, box sealers, pressure plates, side push wheels, etc., which require manual control and therefore have relatively lower production efficiency.

2. Manual packaging machines and electric (hydraulic) manual (hydraulic) folding machines: These two types of machines are classified based on the operator's mode of operation. Manual machines are mainly operated by manpower, such as using hand carts, forklifts, conveyors, slides, lifting devices, fixtures, pallets, pull rods, rollers, top sticks, support sticks, etc. This type of equipment is generally suitable for small and lightweight items, as it has low cost and wide application. On the other hand, electric and hydraulic machines use electricity as the driving force and are controlled through electric control and hydraulic systems, providing high automation and stable performance. However, they have higher costs.

3. Horizontal rotation and vertical rotation: Both of these types belong to the horizontal axis type. As the name suggests, these machines can rotate horizontally or vertically. They can also be combined with other auxiliary tools such as lifting frames, traction ropes, guide rails, slides, tracks, rollers, turntables, etc. Currently, horizontal rotation is more common in the market due to its simple structure and relatively low price.

4. Single and double working positions: Single workstation and dual workstation. These machines are mainly designed for packaging large, heavy, and oversized goods, and can be customized with different specifications of container units according to customer requirements.

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