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YA81-100F metal baler
2021-04-11 13:01:11

This machine is mainly composed of six parts, the side pressure mechanism composed of the fuselage, the shuttle cover and the side cylinder and the side pressure head, the main pressure mechanism composed of the main cylinder and the main pressure head, the side door anvil mechanism, and the hydraulic pressure that provides the power element control. System and electrical control system. Lightweight materials, cans, thin iron scraps, and aluminum profiles can be pressed into high-density bales to facilitate the smelting of waste metals.

Metal balerMetal baler

working principle

1. The materials fall into the bin in the fuselage through the hopper.

2. The side pressure mechanism pushes the material to the high-pressure area of the fuselage, and the cutting mouth on the side pressure head and the blade on the front frame mutually squeeze and cut the excess material. After the side pressure head stroke is in place, it can be used in the packing process. Carry out a second addition.

3. The main pressing mechanism presses the material into high-density bales in the high-pressure chamber of the fuselage.

4. The door anvil mechanism composed of the door and the door cylinder driving the door anvil movement is in the closed state when the pressing block mechanism is working, and the door is opened after the packing is formed.


1. Compared with the traditional baler, the fuselage is placed in an inclined manner, and the material repose angle is reached, and the material will not be brought back when the side pressure mechanism returns to cause the problem of rail jamming.

2. Compared with the traditional baler, the cover closing process is reduced, and the second feeding can be carried out during the baling, thus saving more working time.

3. The overall structure of the fuselage is mostly connected by bolts, and each distributed structure can be flexibly disassembled, which is more convenient for maintenance.

4. Both the guide rail and the blade have adjustment holes, and the distance can be adjusted according to the actual situation.

5. The main pressure head is pushed by the master cylinder to push the pressure block out of the high pressure chamber.

6. Close the door and push the package block to slide out of the fuselage, the main cylinder returns, and the shuttle cover and the side pressure head return to enter the next cycle.

Metal baler

Comparison between before and after packaging

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