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    Double Feed Box Shear

    Q91Y-double feed box shear belongs to big-sized and gate-shaped shear with features: baler function and suitable for the shearing of middle heavy (easy to bale) and irregular scrap steel(need to shape); Working principle: Feed→Push→side compress→hold→shear Final product: Box baler



Q91Y series large portal shearing machine (single layer bin)


The single-layer bin cutting machine is mainly used for cutting waste profiles, scrap car beams and long strips of scrap metal.

This series of shearing machines are available for users to choose from 800T, 1000T, and 1250T. Features

1. The cutting entrance is wide and the feeding cavity is deep; 2. With compression and both sides compression shaping:

3. Optional batching box gland, hopper, feeding method (cylinder or motor); 4. Integral casting type scissors slide, sturdy and durable, not easy to deform; 5. Using laser distance measuring displacement sensor, stepless display stroke and positioning set up.

Q91Y series large portal shearing machine (double-layer material box)


The main double-layer material box shearing machine is mainly used to pack and compress various large-size scrap metal components to form a solid material with a certain density, so that the light and thin materials can be cut into heavy materials by extrusion and shearing.

This series of shearing machines are equipped with 1000T and 1250T models for users to choose. Features:

1. It has an overall pre-compression effect on scrap metal materials;

2. The compression wing and gland have over-stroke design, which can better compact the material;

3. The arc gland design can ensure that the material can be fed at any time in any working state, which greatly saves the feeding time;

4. Integral casting type scissors sliding seat, sturdy and durable;

5. Using laser distance measurement displacement sensor, stepless display stroke and positioning settings.

QA91Y series large portal shearing machine (three-layer material box)


The three-layer material box is mainly used to cut heavy scrap metal materials into a certain length into heavy materials that meet the requirements.

This series of shearing machines are available for users to choose from 800T, 1000T, and 1250T.


1. The compression wing can swing to compress the material, and use the principle of leverage to amplify the compression force on the material;

2. The feeding slider covers the entire feeding cylinder to ensure that the feeding piston rod will not be damaged during the pushing process;

3. Materials can be compressed and added in any working state; 4. The integrally cast scissors slide is strong and durable;

5. Using laser distance measurement displacement sensor, stepless display stroke and positioning settings.




Double shaft cutting machine

Double shaft cutting machine

Double-layer door shear assembly:

Double-layer door shear assembly1.JPG

Double-layer door shear assembly2.JPG

Double-layer door shear assembly5.JPG

Double-layer door shear assembly.6.JPG

Double-layer door shear assembly7.JPG

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