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    Fine Auto Dismantling Line

    This solution is designed to dismantle the most possible can-recycle parts of the vehicle. We can design the customized lines as required: it usually consists of zones and lines. Zones: pre-dismantling zone, liquid pumping zone part treatment zone and car body dismantling zone; lines: single station line and mulit-station lines; and all zones and lines are equipped with different machines;


When plate linked chain carried ELV runs continuously or intermittently. workersstanding 2 sides of or on the chain line dismantle parts in sequence. Corresponding parts can be removed at each station. Under-pan parts can also be removed from ELV bottom with the help of sky crane lifting ELV till all parts all are removed.


1, the dismantled parts can be re-used

2, shear, lifting, and many kinds of process tools are equipped, high efficiency

3, high level automation, low labour intensity,large dismantling amount

4, large amount dismantling project is applicable

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Fine Auto Dismantling Line

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