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    Suitable to process full cars,compressed cars or bales of any kind.The Pre-Shredder is an auxiliary machine for scrap shredding process engineered to boost the efficiency of shredder plants, save power con- sumption and prolong the life of castings and ham- mers of shredders. Automatic or semi-automatic, via wireless or control tower. Production from 20 to 100 TPH Models: SP220-400 SP220-600 SP220-700 SP220-1600


Pre-shredder can do simple processing of bale and ELV with

engine. When cooperating with shredder line:

1. Effectively improve shredder line efficiency, maximize output.

2. Prolong quick wear part lifetime, reduce replacement

frequency of shredder hammer and grid.

3. After pre-shredder processing, shredder can run at the

most economical energy consumption, save electric power.

4. Avoid gas tank and oil tank etc flammable and explosive

substance to enter into shredder, reduce explosive risk,

improve safety.


1. Shaft and shredder blade are special design, shredding

force is strong, bales are very easy shredded.

2. Production and shredding size can be adjusted freely by

adjusting compressing blade.

3. Driven by hydraulic pumps and torque motors, vibration load

is small.

4. Shredder blade adopt special steel and quenching

treatment, improve lifetime.

5. PLC remote control system is adept.


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