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    HUBEI LIDI shredder line provides the overall solution and complete equipment, upstream and downstream equipment included. It consists of in-feed system, shredding system, downstream transporting and sorting system, dedust system, power station system, cooling system and smart full-auto shredding and managing system.


It is designed to shred the dirty and light scrap steel into small pieces pure and with high density. HUBEI LIDI Shredder Plants are equipped with different processing capacities from 5 - 10 TPH up to 300 -400 TPH. 

Shredding range: 0.5mm-18mm (scrap steel thickness available to shred)

Shredded density: 0.8-1.8kg/m³

Shredded purity: 99.9% 

Shred power: 600HP-11000HP 

Shred capacity: 5-300 TPH

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