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Russian customers come to the factory to inspect the 1250T double-layer door shearing machine

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On December 19th, we welcomed customers from Russia who came specially to inspect the 1250T double-layer door shearing machine. This trial machine is our company's latest high-performance equipment with advanced technology and excellent performance.

12-19 俄罗斯客户来厂检查1250T双层门剪试机7.jpg

Upon arrival at the factory, our staff warmly received the customers and led them to visit the production workshop and equipment exhibition area. In the production workshop, they witnessed our advanced production technology and strict quality control processes, and highly appreciated our production capacity and management level.

12-19 俄罗斯客户来厂检查1250T双层门剪试机6.jpg

Subsequently, we took the customers to the exhibition area and provided detailed introductions on the technical parameters and features of the 1250T double-layer door shearing machine. This machine adopts a double-layer door structure, which can simultaneously shear two different specifications of steel plates, greatly improving production efficiency. It is also equipped with advanced hydraulic and electrical control systems, ensuring equipment stability and reliability.

12-19 俄罗斯客户来厂检查1250T双层门剪试机5.jpg

During the presentation, the customers expressed strong interest in the equipment and raised some questions and requirements. Our staff patiently answered their questions and provided personalized solutions based on their actual needs to meet their specific requirements.

12-19 俄罗斯客户来厂检查1250T双层门剪试机4.jpg

Afterwards, we conducted an on-site demonstration of the equipment. The customers operated the trial machine themselves to test its performance and functions. They expressed satisfaction with the ease of operation and shearing effects of the machine, and highly praised our craftsmanship and technology.

12-19 俄罗斯客户来厂检查1250T双层门剪试机2.jpg

Finally, we had in-depth business discussions with the customers. Both parties discussed details such as price, delivery time, and after-sales service, and ultimately reached a cooperation intention. The customers were impressed by our products and services and expressed their desire to establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with us.

12-19 俄罗斯客户来厂检查1250T双层门剪试机.jpg

This visit by the customers was an important opportunity for our company. Through this inspection, we not only showcased our technical strength and product advantages to the customers but also further consolidated our position in the international market. We will continue to strive for improving product quality and service levels, providing better solutions to customers, and achieving mutually beneficial cooperation.

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