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Some common fault repair methods of balers (take semi-automatic as an example)
2021-06-05 19:46:56

Some common fault repair methods of balers (take semi-automatic as an example)

 Trouble phenomenon: The semi-automatic packing machine starts normally, and it starts to automatically send the tape after the package is finished, and it is unlimited. Solution: Check whether the machine is working normally except for automatic tape feeding. If there are no malfunctions in other parts, it is likely that there is a problem with the potentiometer. Potentiometer, on the front of the packing machine, there are a total of four buttons on the operation panel, from left to right are the power switch, potentiometer, reset button, and belt feed button. The potentiometer of the baler is a rotary button with a scale around it, which is used to control the length of the automatic tape after the packing is completed. If there is more than one tape sending and the automatic sending tape is no problem, it is mostly caused by a potentiometer malfunction.

    Debugging method, turn the potentiometer to the * small scale, and then fine-tune, the machine can send the tape normally within a range. If the tape feeding is normal in a certain interval, it can be affirmed that the potentiometer is faulty. The next step is to replace the potentiometer.

    It is recommended to use a control potentiometer. Operation method:

    1. Use a small screwdriver to remove the small screw fixed on the black knob, and remove the black knob.

    2. Unscrew the fixing screw and pull out the potentiometer from the inside. It can be seen that the potentiometer has three outlet positions, two of which are connected to the computer board, and the other is open.

    3. Remember the wire sequence and remove the potentiometer with a soldering iron. Then replace with a new potentiometer.

    4. Reinstall the potentiometer again.

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